"Pavane" is my most foretelling mixed-media painted photograph from the series "Melusine Tale," a body of work of black and white silver prints developed and printed in 2004. In 2006, a transformation took place when I added other mediums like color and texture onto the black and white silver prints. I scanned and printed some of them from the original 8.5 X 11 inches size onto large scale of 30X40 inches on metallic paper. This body of work is not a biography but inspired by the legend of Melusine, a fairy in European folkloric enchanting tales. Many symbols illustrate each images theme. Meanwhile other tales sprung up during 2004 such as: The flight, Aphrodite s Urn, and last Perusing Corot. All four series were done with an analog Canon camera and kodak 200 black and white negative. The "Category Painted Photographs," not only puts together the art of painting and photography but also relates to the notion of multi-layering. There is an enjoyable interplay in this process. Adding paint to the subject is like placing an adjective close to the noun.

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