Melcina Rosas

I am an artist, painter and photographer living in New York city since 1985.

Travels and sometimes changes of residences are intrinsic parts of my life; where I can experience a new special natural atmosphere and scenery. 

"The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch would listen to the radio tuned in between two radio stations. I see this image as the space artists work in.” - A.K.Senstad.

This quote speaks to me, as I see my art traveling from figurative to abstract, while finding its niche somewhere in between.

In my life the boundaries between the spiritual and the internal interests are binding and connected; in the same way as the overlapping layers in my photography and the overlapping planes of my paintings.

The inspiration that moves me to create also overlap with the instinctual and profound emotions which allow me to express the intangible.  Many times these inner forces have no particular reflective cause, except that they are basically instinctive.  These contrasting and dualistic conceptualizations are part of the psyche which governs this seamless whole.

The hunger for growth in my art has led me to thirty years of dedication solely to the development of art expression and self actualization altogether.  The level of observation of my subjects, and the exploration of the spaces around them, increases as the techniques also develop to behold the proposition of my work.

Melcina Rosas is an international artist born in Panama. She currently lives in New York City but travels often to Panama City to work on projects. For six years, she resided in California while pursuing undergraduate studies in literature. Previous to that she lived in Paris, France for five years while studying French literature and philosophy at La Sorbonne. During this time she also worked at the Panamanian Consulate as well as the Mission of Panama at UNESCO. In 1985 she moved to New York where she continued to participate with the Mission of Panama at the U.N. In 1987 she attended The Art Student League of New York and in 1995 she received her master's degree in Studio Art at New York University.



2009 Diplomado (Certification) on Diplomatic and Political Affairs, Foreign Trade and Countries as Image at Ulacex,Panama University of Latin American on Foreign Trade.
2004 Land Art on the hills of Crete, Greece.
Group show, No son frutas, Galeria Nuevo Espacio University of Panama City, Panama City, Panama.
2006 - 08 L Artisan Parfumeur in New York City.
1998 - 03 Museum El Barrio, El museo in New York city, Support and Development committee.
1988 Artist painter and photographer, art bibliography upon request or available at www.melcinarosas.com.
1985 - 88 United Nations New York, Mission of Panama, Diplomate attache and participating member of the Third and Sixth Committee.
1982 - 84 UNESCO Paris, France, Mission of Panama, participating member of the Committee Rights of the author.
1980 - 82 Consulate of Panama in Paris, France, Visas 



1996 ICP International Center of Photography.
1995 New York University, M.A. Studio Art.
1991 Independent workshops in portrait and drawing at Parsons School of design.
1987 The Art Students League of New York.
1981 La Sorbonne, París, Francia, Certification on Civilization and Literature.
1979 Drawing studies at La Maison D'Espagne, Paris, France.
1980 University of California at Davis, Bachelor's degree in English Literature and French Linguistics.



  • Fordham University, Seminar on Principles in Bilingual Education.
  • United Nations, Arabic Language Studies.
  • Translation of Business texts.
  • Catholic Institute in Paris, France Intensive Seminar on Management Economics.
  • University of California at Davis, Research and Documentation, Spanish department.



2016 Group show, Las Virgencitas, Costumbres y Tradiciones Hispanas, Queens Museum of Art, New York.
2014 Group show, 50 years of Hispanic Heritage, Queens Museum, of Art, New York.
2014 Group show, In the eye of the beholder, Coronado, Panama.
2013 Solo show, Selva Magica, Banque Lombard Odier, Panama City, Panama.
2010 Solo show, The tree chinese monks, Restaurant Amor y Tomates,Panama city, Panama.
2008 Solo show,Machu Pichu and Intiraimi Festival in cuzco, Gran Fraternidad Universal Meditation Center, Panama city, Panama.
2007 Open Studio Visit, Works in progress, New York city.
2006 Group show, Mujeres en sus ciudades, 1/1 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Group show,Mujeres en sus ciudades, Tandil Museum, Argentina.
Group show, Abstractions, Promenades des Artistes, Private homes walk,Larchmont. New York.
Group show, Hidden cities, Prada Gallery. Washington DC.
2005 Group show, Mujeres en sus ciudades, Casa Gongora, Panama city, Panama.
Group show, Abstractions, Promenade des artists, Private homes walk, Larchmont, NY.
Group show, Convergencias y Divergencias,Galeria Manuel Amador, Panama city Panama.
Group show, Hispanic Artists, Art space at Verizon, New York City.
2004 Group show, No son frutas, Galeria Nuevo Espacio University of Panama city, Panama city, Panama.
2003 Group show, Hidden cities, Impressions, Art Present, Paris, France.
Group show,Un Puente entre todos, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn NY.
Group show, Casa Gongora, Panama puente del mundo, Panama city, Panama.
2002 Group show, The Blue hour at Fotoseptember, Museum of Modern Art, Panama city, Panama.
Group show,"Panama, un puente al mundo".African American Museum, Hempstead, Long Island.
Group Show, "REACTION", Exit art gallery, New York city.
Group show, "Reflejos "XI Salon de Arte Iberoamericano, Art gallery of Mexico Ambassy Washington DC.
2001 Solo show, Panama Pacific Ocean, UNSRC, Pacem in Terris Society,United Nations Art space,New York city.
Group show, Diversity, African American Museum, Hempstead Long Island.
Solo show, Variations on the subject, Monserrat Gallery New York city.
Group show,Mujeres de espiritu, INAC gallery, Panama city, Panama.
Group show, Mujeres de espiritu INAC Gallery, Santiago, Veraguas Panama.
Solo show,Caminando por el Casco Antiguo. INAC Gallery, Panama city, Panama.
2000 Group show, Urban landscapes, Marathon Slide Show, Queens Museum of Art, New York city.
Group show,Vibraciones Ambrosianas, Global Art in year 2000,Colgate University, NY USA.
1999 Group show,Vibraciones Ambrosianas, Encuentro Bolivariano,Venezuelan Consulate New York city.
Solo show, Vibraciones Ambrosianas INAC Gallery Casco antiguo, Panama city.
1998 Solo show, Hungry for beauty, Gallery 84, New York City.
1997 Solo show, Bottled up, Gallery 84, New York City.
1996 Group show, Suite of Birds, Tres expresiones, tres artistas tres de Noviembre. Panamanian Consulate, New York city.
Solo show, Acompañamiento de Aves, INAC Gallery, Casco antiguo, Panama City, Panama.
1995 Group show, Suite of Birds, Gray Gallery 80 Washington East Galleries, New York City.
1990 Class group show, The Body, The Art Student League of New York City.



2015 Art auction Celebrating the U.N. 70th birthday, New York City
2010 Books in Motion Lebanese organization for Art performance, New York city.
2004 Gift to the City of Panama Art historic patrimony, Dos Mares, Hospital Santo Tomas, Permanent Collection
2003 Harlem Art Project at Satchi and Satchi, Ray of light Foundation, New York city.
2002 French American aid for children. New York city.
2001 Hedge Fun Child Care, New York city.
1999 Wetchester Women's club, Wetchester, New York.